Due to changes in our banking arrangements, we are no longer able to take credit card payments, either over the phone or through the website. You are still able to pay by credit card but through PayPal. You can still pay through your PayPal account or by cheque.  

Postal Pricing Changes

 Due to the ever increasing rising cost of both postage and packing materials we have np alternative but to slightly increase our charges.

We have created the following table so you will know your exact P&P costs.


 Order Value


 International P&P

 £00.01 - £20.00



 £20.01 - £40.00



 £40.01 - £65.00



 £65.01 +



 £100 +  Free




We have restructured our postage costs to give you our lowest postal charges to keep your costs down.


Please remember that post and packaging costs do not just cover the price of the postage but include packaging materials and a contribution towards the cost of staff time spent picking, wrapping and despatching.






Message from Carole and Jon

Here is Roni now 3 and half years old ready to play 



Roni is now 38 months old. Here she is doing a spot of designing and dressed as a Bumble bee.




ron_4_450_x_600.jpg ron_450_x_600.jpg 





















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